Positive Psychology Coaching

What is the difference between Coaching & Counseling?

Coaching and counseling both help the client set and achieve goals. Both are conducive to guiding the client toward positive change. The difference is that coaching is not therapy. Counseling/therapy treats a mental health  diagnosis, whereas coaching helps mentally healthy individuals navigate challenges in order to bring more satisfaction and fulfillment to their lives. Also, coaching tends to be short-term and solutions focused, whereas counseling tends to be ongoing and more process oriented.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is a relatively new field in the realm of Psychology. Founded by Martin Seligman in 1998. It is a form of rebuttal against the previous standard of focusing on Illness and brokenness. Positive Psychology stems from the Humanistic movement and emphasizes happiness, well-being,  character strengths, and flourishing; things that are positive in nature.

What are the benefits of hiring a Positive Psychology Coach?

We will begin by discussing what is already working well in your life, and identifying your  key character strengths, and using those strengths to achieve your goal for an area of your life that is not working as well. We will work together to increase the balance between various aspects of your life. We will work together to develop a map toward your success with actionable steps all along the way. In this way I will help you attain an authentic life in which you can flourish.